Crucial Details Every Campus Map Should Have for Prospective Students


A map is the most important part of any given institution. It guides any visitor and maintains a constant path to any stray resident. In campus, it is not any different for new students. It acts as a reminder to the old students and a significant walking stick to the new ones. Among the many details a map should entail, here are the crucial ones a campus map should have.

First of all, the map should have directions clearly elaborated. Any student can know exactly where they need to find the facilities they need. Directions to the administration block, hostels, libraries, lecture halls, hospital, security posts, social halls and many of other amenities the campus has should be well indicated on the map. The directions help the students to keep time on every activity they need to undertake thus avoiding the annoying lateness which is mostly associated with laziness. Read more great facts on virtual campus experience,  click here.

Next, the map should include the faculties the campus offers. This will allow any student to be aware that they are on the right campus for their right courses. When well detailed, this gives ample room for any new student who feels misplaced to quickly change to their desired courses of relevance. This makes work easier for both the teaching and learning bodies. For more useful reference regarding virtual tour,  have a peek here.

The other detail of importance on the map is customer support. In short, have all the information that students can use to reach out in case they get lost or have any emergency of sorts when on campus. This system assures any students, lecturers or guests that nothing can go wrong as information is on the map and the campus is well protected round the clock. Others may feel even more comfortable calling for assistance from the telephone numbers associated with the customer support just to test the disaster preparedness that the campus has in place. There are others who would like to get detailed information via their emails or postal contacts.

A quick way to check what else needs to be on the map is to use the social media platforms. Prospective students are always on the social media pages. It would be great to put up a survey to get what more details from them on what they feel would improve campus maps. This is also where you can check what the competition is doing in this regards and use it to your advantage. Please view this site  for further details.


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